Unlimited Policies

What Does "Unlimited" Mean?

The removal of any predetermined disk or bandwidth quotas. When a hosting plan is created, the web host has the option to set a disk and bandwidth quota, which would limit a plan to a predetermined rate. (such as 2GB disk space and 40GB bandwidth)
When you remove this quota, the plan no longer has any active limits, thus turning it into an 'unlimited' hosting plan.

Are There Soft Limits?

Yes, there are soft limitations in place for all of our hosting accounts. 

Basic Plan: 1GB Disk, 40GB Bandwidth
Starter Plan: 1GB Disk, 40GB Bandwidth
Jester's Plan: 8GB Disk, 100GB Bandwidth
King's Plan: 25GB Disk, 300GB Bandwidth
Royal Plan: 50GB Disk, 800GB Bandwidth

What Will Happen If I Go Over My Soft Limit?

That depends mostly on the status of our network, as well as the size of your website. If we determine that the size of your website is too large for the plan, to a point where it prevents us from reliably offering higher level plans to our future paying customers, we will require that you upgrade to a more appropriate plan for your size. 

Are There Hard Limits?

Yes, there are hard limitations, specifically relating to the hardware that your website is hosted on. When you order an unmetered hosting package, you're renting out website space on a shared dedicated server. This server has a hard drive, a processor and a few sticks of RAM, just like your home computer. (but slightly more powerful).

While there are no predetermined quotas in place for our unlimited hosting packages, you must still fit within the actual hardware of the server itself. Quite simply, you cannot go beyond what the physical hardware can provide.

In addition to that, some of our web hosting plans come with Hard Limits. The details for those can bbe

What Are The Hardware Limits?

We only use servers that have at least eight (8) processing (CPU) cores, 16 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabyte of disk space.
If (for whatever reason) you require more space or overall system resources, we will freely upgrade your account with more dedicated RAM, more dedicated CPU cores, and if even that isn't enough, we may even provide you with a free Virtual Private Server. (note: this is extremely rare, but IF you actually require it, and IF you're using our services in a legitimate way, we will upgrade you. It may also depend on our available stock, and whether we can spin a new VPS up for your particular needs. In super duper rare instances, we may even bring a new dedicated server online for you. However, if you join DoRoyal just so you can take advantage of this offer, your account will be suspended. Do Not Abuse This System)


Are There Inode Limits?

No, we do not enforce any inode restrictions, as inodes are an OS limitation, rather than a hardware limitation.



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