DDoS Attack (Outage) Critical

Affecting Server - Shared Royal-2

  • 11/26/2023 16:11
  • Last Updated 12/02/2023 07:18

We're currently experiencing a mid-level DDOS attack on our Royal 2 server. 

UPDATE: Follow this situation over on our Discord. 


UPDATE 2: Most of our network is back online, with only our DNS still remaining down. We're working to get this restored as soon as possible. 

UPDATE 3: We had to perform a full system restore due to a hardware failure also occurring as a direct cause of this DDOS attack. 

You can find the latest information from Announcements channel on our Discord server. 



Updated Status and Road Map.


1. Perform Hardware Diagnostics (done, took 5 hours)

2. Reinstall Operating System (done, took two hours)

3. Reinstall Cloudlinux and Jetbackup. (done)

4. Recreate Hosting Packages (done)

5. Restore User Accounts (ongoing, 95% done)

6. Reinstall and Configure All Software Licenses and Services, such as Jetbackup, SitePad, Softaculous, etc.


Current Issues


Due to a bug with our backup software, the remaining 5% of user accounts are so-far unable to be restored using our automated systems. As a result, we will be manually restoring each and every single account by hand. While we expect for this process to be finalized within the next 48 hours, we can't offer an exact ETA at this time. 



Support Tickets


If you have an active support ticket, be aware that we are still very, very slow in responding back. Our #1 priority right now is to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.


Long Ticket Times (In Progress) Critical

Affecting System - Support Tickets / Support System

  • 11/27/2023 09:17
  • Last Updated 11/27/2023 09:19

We are currently experiencing a higher than usual number of support tickets. We're responding to everything we can in a first come, first serve order. 

Sorry for the delays, and inconvenience. 

Two Factor Authentication (Reported) Low

Affecting Server - Shared Royal-2

  • 10/22/2023 04:49
  • Last Updated 10/22/2023 04:52

We are aware of and are actively investigating an issue affecting our 2FA services for DirectAdmin. We don't have an estimated resolution as of this writing. For now, we recommend disabling two factor authentication within DirectAdmin as soon as possible. We also do not suggest enabling it, or else you may be locked out of your account. 


Gmail Deliverability - Emails (Reported) Low

Affecting Server - Shared Royal-2

  • 09/22/2023 16:14
  • Last Updated 09/22/2023 16:17

We're aware of and are investigating email deliverability issues specifically affecting Gmail addresses.