Get A New .COM For $12 – First Year Only

  • 26th March 2023

Need a new domain? Want to transfer an existing domain? Wanna save a buck or two? From now until April 1st, our .COM domain registrations have been reduced down to $12.

Just go ahead and order a domain through our Domains page, and you’ll pay only $12 for a one-year registration or transfer.

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A Message From Our Founder: DoRoyal’s Pricing – The Switch to DirectAdmin

  • 6th February 2023
[this article was recently sent out to our web hosting clients. we are posting it here for reference purposes] Since 2012, DoRoyal has been providing a high quality cPanel hosting experience. We're currently hosting thousands of websites using cPanel, which back then, was a fairly easy and straightforward thing to do. It involved us spinning up a ...
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Review Us On TrustPilot

  • 26th June 2022

If you're enjoying your experiences here at DoRoyal, we highly suggest giving us a review!

The more reviews we have, the better. Whether positive or negative, we want to hear from you and your experiences. :D

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  • 11th June 2022

To further encourage transparency, DoRoyal now has an UptimeRobot page.

In addition to our Server Status page, our UptimeRobot monitors all of our servers for outages every five minutes. 

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